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Employee parking permits for 2013-14 are now available online and in the Parking Operations Office located in the Henderson Parking Garage.

Your current permit is valid through July 12, 2013. (the June 30 expiration date has been extended). After June 30, however, 2012-13 permits will not swipe in garages, so garage users will need to take a ticket and exit through the booth.

Your new 2013-14 permit is valid as soon as you receive it. All outstanding parking fines must be paid before a new permit will be issued.

You may submit your permit request online at the Parking Operations website at www.parking.indiana.edu. The parking website includes an inventory of each campus parking lot, a parking lot distance locator, a chart of permit prices and an option for full-time staff to pay for parking fines by salary reduction.

The employee parking privilege is not transferable. The permit is for your use only. You may use the permit on any vehicle you drive to work.

To submit a permit request online, please use the 'Buy Permit' button at the top of this page or click here.

Permit Pricing for 2013-14

The parking permit fees for 2013-14 are as follows: The A permit is $416.52, the C permit is $144.84 and the E permit is $122.16. Motor vehicle permits are valid through June 30, 2014.

The bicycle permit price is $10.00. This permit has no expiration date and will be valid as long as you own the bike. If you have registered your bicycle in the 2009-10 academic year or after and have a blue, green or purple bicycle permits, they will remain valid for as long as you own your bike.

Important Information

Construction of School of Global and International Studies

Construction of the new School of Global and International Studies is now underway at the site of the former Wells Library Parking Lot. Parking for permit holders has been expanded in the Jordan and Fee Lane garages and the surface lot at 10th and Sunrise. Handicap parking remains available adjacent to the library. Visit our Construction Updates page for complete information on parking in the area.

Pre-Tax Commuting Expense Plan

The pre-tax commuting expense plan allows employee parking permit fees to be exempt from federal, state, and local income taxes as well as FICA tax withholding. Employees who select the salary reduction method will automatically be enrolled in the program. Employees purchasing their permit with cash will not be able to participate. If you do not currently purchase your permit through payroll deduction, you may wish to consider this option.

Service/Maintenance Employees

AFSCME Local 832 has negotiated as part of the total compensation package the purchase of 'C' permit parking for each individual represented by the union. A full-time appointed service maintenance employee is entitled to receive either a 'C' permit without charge or a credit of the 'C' permit price towards the purchase of an 'A' permit. To claim the prepaid permit, please mark the registration form above your name with your job rank (for example SM-35.) The agreement provides one 'C' permit per employee. Your parking privilege is for your use only and cannot be transferred to another individual.

Motorist Assistance Program

The Motorist Assistance Program is a service of Parking Enforcement in conjunction with the Motor Pool. If you are legally parked on campus and lock yourself out of your car, need a jumpstart, have a flat tire, or need gas, you may call Parking Enforcement at (812) 855-9849, or contact a Parking Enforcement Officer for assistance.


For more information, visit the Motorist Assistance page.

Cost Saving and Sustainability Tips

If you are looking for a way to avoid the high cost of operating a car, are concerned about the environment, or just interested in a healthy alternative to driving, here are several things that you might want to consider:

Ride-Share Program

An official carpool consists of a minimum of three employees riding together. The Ride-Share permit is $144.84 which will be shared by the members of the carpool. The program includes a reserved carpool space, a limited number of one-day permits and a emergency ride home feature. All carpools must be approved by Parking Operations. For a Ride-Share application or more information, contact Parking Operations at parking@indiana.edu or (812) 855-9848. If you are looking for carpool partners, you should register with Zimride at www.zimride.com. Zimride is a free service which matches riders and drivers for occasional and regular trips.

If you don’t have three or more carpool participants, you can still save considerable money by sharing a ride with one other person. If you share one 'A' or 'C' permit, you can save half the cost of the permit and fuel. Just be sure that you ride with a friend, since parking tickets incurred will be assigned to the person who purchases the permit.


For more information, visit the Carpool Program page.

Ride a bike

Bicycle Permits are available for $10 and they are valid for as long as you own the bike. Bicycles are required to be registered and they may use any bike rack on campus. Abandoned bikes or bikes that are attached to trees, hand rails, chain barriers, light posts, sign posts or other structures not designated for bicycle parking will be confiscated.


For more information, visit the Bicycling page.


Walking is the healthiest and most environmentally friendly way to get around campus. You may not be able to walk to campus from home, but once you get to campus, you can leave your car in its parking space. You should be able to walk at a comfortable 15 minutes per mile pace, and very few on-campus locations are that far apart.


For more information, visit the Walking page.

Purchase a less expensive permit

An 'E' permit is $122.16 and will allow you to park north of 17th street, and a campus bus will take you to (or near) your work location. If you are only on campus after 5 p.m., you may want to consider purchasing the 'F' permit for $61.08. The 'F' permit will allow you to park in any campus parking garage or any non-24 hr A or C space after 5 p.m. You may also trade your 'A' or 'C' permit at any time during the year, delay purchasing your permit, or return your permit for a prorated refund at any time. If you can walk, ride a bike, or take the bus when the weather is nice, you may only need a vehicle permit during the winter months.

Purchase a few temporary permits

If you are eligible for an A or C permit but you agree not to purchase an A or C permit, you can purchase up to 15 one day A permits for $8 each during each semester - Fall (September – December), Spring (January-April) or Summer (May through August). If you can usually walk, ride a bike or take the bus it might be a considerable savings and an occasional convenience to purchase one day permits. The permits are only valid for your use and may not be used by any individual who is not otherwise eligible for an A or C permit. You may only purchase 15 permits per semester, but they may be used in the subsequent semesters and exchanged in June for future year permits.

Ride a motorcycle

Motorcycles may park in any car space if they pay the appropriate price for that space, or they may use any designated motorcycle parking space by purchasing a Motorcycle 'E' permit for $122.16 per year. The Indiana code prohibits mopeds from being operated on a sidewalk, so for Campus parking purposes, all motorized, two wheeled vehicles are considered to be motorcycles and must park in a car or motorcycle space. If you are a part time motorcycle rider, contact Parking Operations about a holder which will allow you to use your car hang tag on your motorcycle.

Use the bus system

Any faculty or staff member may ride any campus bus or Bloomington Transit Bus for free. There is no bus pass or ID required to ride the campus bus. A pass to ride Bloomington Transit can be obtained from Campus Card Services. If you currently have a BT pass, it does not have to be renewed until the expiration date on the pass. Bus schedules and route information are available at www.iubus.indiana.edu. Zipcar may be the solution if you ride the bus but need a car occasionally. If you register at www.Zipcar.com, you can have a car available for local, hourly rentals.


For more information, visit the Mass Transit page.