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Purchase a Permit

Purchase a Permit

Most parking permits may be purchased online through our Online Parking Portal. You may also call us at (812) 855-9848 for information regarding available permit types, rates, payment options, and purchase requirements.

Permit Eligibility and Registration Information

Permit Eligibility & Registration Info

Vehicle registration is required on the Bloomington campus, and permit eligibility requirements will vary depending on your IU affiliation. Check here for details on permit refunds, permit renewals, how permits are issued, etc.

Disabled Permits

Disabled Permits

IU Parking Operations is continually working to improve accessibility on campus for all individuals. We work closely with the Office of Disabled Students and Veterans’ Affairs to ensure equal access, and to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Lost or Stolen Permits

Lost & Stolen Permits

In the unfortunate event that your permit becomes lost or stolen, you will need to take steps to report this information and order a replacement.

Permit Display

Permit Display

Proper permit display will ensure that you do not receive any unnecessary citations. Please review the guidelines here.